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Welcome to the world of 'Lunick'. The creator of this world is a character that goes by the name Mikey! If you wish to - come and join him and see what he has to offer.

Mikey lives in a small town, in a country that is located on the eastern part of Europe. In this town almost every resident is acquanted with one another! Every year there are festivals being thrown and other social gatherings which are said to be delightful.

A bit far from the town centre, in a bizarre neighborhood, sits an old house in which Mikey lives in with his best friend Bingo. Bingo, considered to be Mikeys 'work-partner', 'loyal companion', 'pet' and 'best friend', is a rodent - an albino rat.

The town is rumoured to be on the pecculiar side, but in this day and age - everything's swerved. Many countries, towns, villages, neighborhoods and even homes are a bit odd. Each holds it's own fate - so we shouldn't really judge. There are just *some* things that aren't discussed that much.

So, if you want to, come join Mikey and his friends and see what goes on.